Non-Profit Tax Preparation Services

Non-Profit Tax Preparation Services

Our team of non-profit specialists work with over 150 non-profit clients each year to assist these organizations with their regulatory (IRS Form 990, PA BCO-10, etc.) filing needs.  We ensure that these reports are filed correctly and on a timely basis.  Our extensive experience with non-profit organizations and their regulatory needs gives our staff a breadth of practical knowledge and assists us in gaining efficiencies which allows us to price our services competitively to work within your budget.

IRS Filing Requirements

Form 990-N

Form 990-EZ

Form 990

Electronic Notice (e-Postcard)

Annual Gross Receipts < $50K

Short Form          

Annual Gross Receipts < $200K

Total Assets < $500K

Full Form

Annual Gross Receipts > $200K

Total Assets > $500K

Our staff are also prepared to assist with any related financial statement (internally prepared, compilation, review, audit) needs that your non-profit organization requires.  Each member of our audit team has developed expertise in accounting and auditing through significant specialized training and continuing education. This expertise and genuine desire to serve this client niche is quickly noticed and appreciated by our clients. Our clients benefit from our experience and understanding of their mission and value our ability to serve their specific needs.

State of Pennsylvania Charitable Organization Filing Thresholds*

Gross Annual Contributions

Type of Financial Statements Required

Section 162.7 (a) organizations


$25,000 or less

Internally prepared, Compiled, Reviewed, or Audited

$25,000 to less than $100,000

Internally prepared, Compiled, Reviewed, or Audited

$100,000 to less than $250,000

Compiled, Reviewed or Audited

$250,000 to less than $750,000

Reviewed or Audited

Greater than $750,000


*Please note that this table was obtained from the State of Pennsylvania Instructions for Charitable Organization Registration Statement.  We are presenting this summarized information as a starting point to determine compliance with the State of Pennsylvania regulations.  A more detailed analysis is required in order to properly assess your non-profit organizations specific filing requirements.   This information can be obtained at the following link:

As we assist our clients with their regulatory filings, accounting assistance is often needed.  Our accounting staff have the non-profit and accounting knowledge to assist our clients in getting their accounting records reconciled and ready for the regulatory filings.  We have QuickBooks ProAdvisors on staff who provide QuickBooks training for our clients’ accounting staff and who often help our clients with setting up their QuickBooks records.

Client referrals are provided upon request.

For more information regarding these services, or to obtain a proposal, please contact:

William P. Ashman, CPA

717-697-3888, ext. 182